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Midnight Pub

26. The DJ


"Hello!" I waved to the bartender.

"Aye yo! It's good to see you again!" He grinned.

I set up my laptop in the DJ booth and plugged in the outputs. The guitar riffs echoed through the pub.

> Look into my eyes, what do you see?

> Cult of Personality

> I know your anger, I know your dreams

> I've been everything you want to be

> I'm the Cult of Personality

> Like Mussolini and Kennedy

> I'm the Cult of Personality

> Cult of Personality

> Cult of Personality

"Look who showed up tonight!" I looked up to see Anne's face hovering through the glass panel. "Anne!" I grinned, "I missed you!" "Oh yeah, you did?" she laughed, "Is that why you keep disappearing for weeks?" "I'm sorry! I was undergoing training at the Cosmic facility," I replied. "Really? What kind of training?" she asked, running her fingers through my hair. "We're prepping for a short flight test. They're gonna load me in a capsule and shoot me off into the stratosphere!" I said excitedly. "Krsnah! That sounds dangerous!" Anne said, holding my face. "Eh, maybe a little. But that's what you gotta do before meandering off into space," I grinned.

"Your music - it stopped," Anne pointed to my laptop. "Oh!" I clicked on the next track.

"So, how long will you be here?" she asked, holding my hand. "Oh, I'm sticking around. I gotta fix an appointment with the mayor and set up a few things at the LibreKrsnah HQ in the city, I replied. "You want me to come with you?" Anne asked. "Oh! That would be fantastic!" I said, enthusiastically. "Okay, I'll fix an appointment for you," she replied.


"You look different," Anne said, twirling my hair with her fingers. "Different?" I glanced into her beautiful brown eyes. "Mmhmm! Like you look really happy," she smiled. "I am!" I nodded, "Things are finally falling into place, and I feel more optimistic about the future."

"Your hair's grown really long," she smiled. "Yeah," I grinned, "I figured I needed to change things a bit, y'know, spice things up." "I like it," she laughed.

"You look really beautiful tonight," I said softly. "You too! You look really cute and handsome!" she replied. "Ye think?" I laughed. "Yes," she said, holding my hands, "I'm so happy you're back. I really missed you!" "Yeah, me too," I said.

Anne leaned forward and kissed me on the cheek.

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