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Midnight Pub

25. The Sleuth


I'd lost touch with everyone at the pub. It had been a while. I felt like I needed to be present in order to maintain a familiarity with the place. That seemed to be long gone.

I sat down in the corner and pulled on my hoodie. From here, I had a complete view of everyone seated at the bar, the dj's booth and the couches on the far right.

The soft jazz emanated from the speakers on each corner. There weren't many people so it was awfully quiet at this time of the night.

I stared at the couple standing on the porch, arms around each other's waist, gazing deeply into each other's eyes, and laughing. Oh! The sweet sensation of love!

Where was Claire? I wondered. Was she sleeping in her room upstairs? Was she seeing someone else now that I'd disappeared from her life? Did she even remember me?

Perhaps I should open a detective agency! Then I could keep tabs on everyone! I'd be kept up-to-date even when I was out of town!

The city had come back to life. It was now divided into zones. The LibreKrsnah HQ still stood on the Main Street. But I hadn't visited the office in a really long time. Perhaps it was time to check in, I thought.

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