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Midnight Pub

Escaped the lego store


Pfff, that was close! I think I just escaped the lego store without buying anything. All new pretty combinations of plastics, hard to resist! Thanks for letting me in and catch my breath. Can I have some dutch courage to close the browser tabs? Ketel 1 if you have some but that English knock off they call gin will be fine too.

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~shiloh wrote (thread):

Sadly, I was unable to escape. My roommate and I bought some legos and whiskey and spent a few hours building our sets. The soul is happy, the wallet is not.

~bartender wrote (thread):

That takes commitment to be able to leave the lego store without buying something! Commitment and grit, nothing less. Well, glad you found your way to the Midnight. You know, I think we might just have a bottle of Ketel 1. Yes, we definitely do! Here's one for you. Welcome to the pub!

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