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Midnight Pub

Theme showcase


I got inspired by Zeno and Jetgirl and wanted to list some themes for the pub! You can see the showcase on https://brewed.midnight.pub/themes.html. This post will be used to get new themes, so don't hesitate to reply here if you want to share one! Cheers

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~inquiry wrote (thread):

Huh. I thought I was looking at vanilla html, but Ctrl-U reveals a style.css.

Curious why an ordered list was used for the first couple chunks of text ("Midnight Pub" and "lounge"), but with the numbering of the "li" elements seemingly undone by style.css.

Not questioning it, nor am I opposed to themes. Just enjoy having that "Mosaic/Netscape back in earlier times" look/feel from time to time.

~starbreaker wrote (thread):

Smudge took Zeno's theme and swapped out the colors. He might fancy things up a bit more later...

~apeia wrote (thread):

Check out my theme, I changed some stuff from zeno's

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