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Midnight Pub

A drink…


3 parts something strong and dark. That bottle of proper whisky my ex gave me for Christmas works best (Ardberg Uighadahl is the best) but spiced rum works okay. Up the kahlua if it lacks wallop… speaking of 2 of kahlua. a little less if the spirit is doing the lifting. One of apricot brandy. Some bitters… I like Peychaud but its your goddamn drink. Shake and strain. Add cherries proportional to how shitty your day has been because cherries are the best. It should be a dark red or brown, and taste of molasses and smokey bitterness (or vanilla-y bitterness, it is your spirit). Like a very sweet manhattan but with apricot sugar beating against the spirit and coffee mellowing…

Apricot and coffee combine,
To make something heady, divine!
But if you want something tart
Try a gimlet to start,
And leave the whisky for those thinking of her to pine!

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