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Midnight Pub

24. The Midnight Check-in


It had been almost 2 months. I'd gone back to my old life to pursue other ventures. I'd learned to cook. It was a big deal. I spent a lot of my time cooking and refining my skills. Perhaps one day I would be a world-class masterchef! I was still dj'ing at the club. I found the rest of my time worth the solitude.

The feelings I'd had for Claire had now dissipated. I could now think clearly with my head without getting clouded with emotions. I'd lost touch with everyone. Such was life.

The city was in darkness. There were no lights, no people, no traffic, no dogs barking, do birds chirping, no sound of crickets in the tall overgrown grass. It felt eerie.

I found my way to the Midnight Pub, which quite astonishingly, still had it's lights on. The door creaked as I stepped in. It was unusually quiet. I found the bartender behind the counter and waved. "Hello!" I waved. "Hey! Krsnah! You're back!" He greeted me with a smile.

"Where's everyone? And what the hell happened to the city?" I asked, dropping my bags on the floor and taking a seat at the bar. "A drink?" He inquired. "Just some water please!" I replied.

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