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Midnight Pub

A pilsner please!


Sooo I just had my second beer and I figured I might just hang around here. Bartender, might I ask for a pilsner?

My week's been very busy and I'm looking forward to be able to sleep tonight. It's a pleasure not having to wake up to go to work directly. Instead, take time in the morning, brew some coffee, take little sips while reading the small net. That's my favorite thing to do in the morning.

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~nopalm wrote:

a slow morning is the best morning, particularly after a slow night at the pub.

~fish-fingerer wrote:

Come in, grab a beer, wipe the head,
To the pub your busy week has now lead,
In the mornin’ make coffee,
Add some milk, make it frothy.
The virus killed morning commutes all stone dead!

(they said bording a slightly later than before commuter train)

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