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Midnight Pub

When I was seventeen... I had a very good beer...


> Joe is a box with consciousness.


He clearly has a flap up on non-boxes similarly equipped!

> Living as the sinisterly-numinous Nowhereness, Timelessness, the intuitively feeling Beingness, and effortlessly, focused, Doingness, from the resting state of the charged potential of Nothingness, while maintaining a relationship, connection, a portal, to the Here and Now.

"Awareness unqualified", even less qualified than in those double quotes.

> Emacs


Now there's a word I ain't seen in at least half a buffer!

Ho, hum. 'Tis one of those "maybe everyone else disappeared?" kinds of mornings - not here in the pub so much as in the email inbox. Sent out quite a bit yesterday, but not so much as a spec of incoming dust this morn.

It's enough to make me the love the idea of hanging out with 6th/7th/8th graders all day on a regular weekday student/teacher basis all the more. A self sorta wants attention dividends to pay in like coin, thinks the alleged self that allegedly typed that.

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~rosie88 wrote (thread):

Stick my hand in my jeans pocket and when I grab a few coins I take my hand out of my pocket, coins engulfed in my hand and I walk up to Inquiry and with a smile I stick out my hand and unfold my fingers and there are a few shiny coins "here are a few coins, how have you been my friend? I hope you are finding the Pub enjoyable".

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