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Midnight Pub

Escape the Pub


You just woke up with a big headache, on the banquette of a booth, at the Midnight Pub. Now you remember: you definitely had too much to drink yesterday night, and you passed out. In fact, you're experiencing quite a bad hangover!

The Pub seems to be completely empty: no patrons, no bartender, as if everyone left while you were sleeping. Apparently the staff didn't notice you at all, while they were doing the close up.

Still surprised and wobbling, you reach the entrance, just to find it locked. Hell, they definitely closed with you inside!

You're almost hit by an attack of panic in recalling the reason why there was a discount on beer, yesterday evening: ~bartender was going on vacation.

> This is ESCAPE THE PUB (again*), an experimental and improvised escape room! Your objective is to escape the Midnight Pub, while I'll be your eyes and your hands.

> Reply to this post to start playing in a thread (I'll probably master just a few games at the time for now, since I'm not sure where this is going, first come first served).

> (*) this is the re-proposition of an old thread.

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~pseudoriemann wrote (thread):

(This sounds like fun!)

I pound at the door and call for help, and also look around to see if there are any windows.

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