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Midnight Pub

Drinks are on me


--I’ve been pretty happy lately, so why not take a drink here.--

Hi ~bartender, I'll have a glass of rum please.

Oh and I almost forgot, drinks are on me tonight, treat yourself friends!

If you’re looking for me, I’ll be in the corner over there enjoying the music.


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~stargazer wrote:

Cheers - thanks for your generosity!

~zstix wrote (thread):


~bartender, I'll take a Vieux Carré please.

I'll add this one to the jukebox (chill guitar tune):


~ew wrote (thread):

Hej hej, last thing I heard from you, was you did not have enough sleep :-)

Good to see you back!

~bartender? One of these craft beers, please! Thanks, and cheers!

Music? How about this one:


Caution. Brass. African style ...

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