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Midnight Pub

Wandering In


Sleep and I are not well acquainted. Walking at night calms my mind. The cool air and quiet is nice. Shit, I'm more drunk than I should be during the work week. I could handle another. Tipsy enough to try a new place. Somewhere they don't know my story and I can pretend to be someone else. Maybe this time I'll be someone new.

I know all these thoughts will sound dumb when I sober up. But right now this is my manifesto.

There's that pub again, I've passed it a few times this last week. I walk in, stumbling slightly but I don't think anyone noticed. I grab a seat at the end of the bar, order a whisky neat and let the new setting wash over me.

If anyone asks, I'm zstix. I'm a programmer and a rock climber. Whisky is my drink of choice.

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~stargazer wrote:

Welcome to the pub, have a whiskey on me!

~ew wrote:

Hello and welcome!

~zampano wrote:

Welcome, always glad to see another new face.

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