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Midnight Pub

Obscure spaces are sacred


This pub is very small. I like it that way.

One of my favorite things about the geminispace is its lack of use for advertising. Anything that gets popular enough nowadays online will inevitably be the host of several banner, video, and picture ads. I love that resistance to this is built in, because one of the greatest scourges of today is the commercialization of everything (the internet is the forefront of this)

My second favorite this is its obscurity. Everyone who is here is here intentionally - they're not screwing around or trolling. Intentional groups are chosen, and everyone here understands and engages with decency. Unintentional groups can be fun, but there is no common code of conduct or guarantee of respect.

The only other site I can think of that creates the same atmosphere is twocansandastring, an anonymous page where people ask and answer questions.

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~stargazer wrote:

I have the same view of the commercialized webz. I like that everyone here is a real person and not some ad algorithm.

~marginalia wrote:

I feel, regarding the big web, like some places are for humans like old fashioned zoos are for animals. The walls have a painted savanna to masquerade the unbearable concrete truth. Some places make me feel like those animals. Just as it's obvious the savanna is just a painting, it's clear it isn't a real human habitat, just something made out to look that way if you don't look too carefully. The animals probably aren't fooled either.

~tskaalgard wrote:

Absolutely. I love the small ponds, places like this and (to a lesser extent) the sparsely-populated Fediverse. It's a lot easier to actually connect and have real conversations with people.

~axionfield wrote:

Cheers to that!

~rosie88 wrote:

Well said, I came to geminispace because I was fed up with the rampant consumerism across the Big web. I got tired of being attacked with telemetry, the annoying popped up videos, the propaganda that was trying to tie me into buying their latest and greatest junk that I had no use for.....etc. you get the point. This is a respite, simplicity has its rewards and the rewards I get from Geminispace, is a slow paced atmosphere, simple is best attitude and comradeship that I definitely cannot find in the hot mess of the big web.

~zampano wrote:

Here here! *raises glass*

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