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Just can't catch a break


Old-timers here at the Midnight might remember my "employment struggles" of a few months back. Unfortunately my new job seems to have been not much more than a short reprieve, as I got laid off a few days ago. Anticipated contracts falling through, revenue shortfalls, et cetera...right as I started feeling like I was getting the hang of everything.

I'm doing okay. I'm well under 26, and still technically on my parents' insurance. I also have a good chunk of change saved up which can last a number of months, largely due to some well-performing investments I made over the last year (the only good part of covid). But it's a something I'd rather not tap into if I don't have to. So it's back to the job search for me, and I have a couple picked out that seem interesting.

But I can't bring myself to apply. I've had the tabs open for a couple days. There are just so many things I've wanted to spend time on, and now I have the time for it. I don't live to work, I work to live, and right now the amount of work I have to do to live is quite small.

So...to take a month or two (or more??) off and do my own thing? One thing I've definitely had issues adjusting to in American post-college life is the lack of extended breaks, and I've never heard anyone regret taking time off in their early 20s when their joints and sleep schedules are flexible.

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~212fahrenheit wrote:

Go for it!

I doubt anyone on there deathbed will say: "Man, I wish I could of spend more hours at the office."

~marginalia wrote (thread):

I took a full year off from work when I was 29, just lived off savings and did whatever I felt like. I have things I regret in my life, but that is not one of them.

It really drove home the point that you can't let other people tell you what you are supposed to do with your life. You can just, you know, do things if you feel like it. Don't need anyone's permission.

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