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Midnight Pub

I love that the Pub is not a monolith groupthink.


Hello again everyone. I was just musing today how much I appreciate that the Pub is host to a wide variety of opinions and not just a monolithic groupthink. Places like this are few and far between (especially ones that aren't just cesspools of bigotry) and this is one of the things, I think, that makes the Pub special.

Just felt like I needed to say that :)

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~edisondotme wrote:

I miss ~inquiry and I'm sad that all of his or her posts have been overwritten. He wrote beautiful prose about a variety of topics.

~rosie88 wrote (thread):

I am glad you have said what I failed to put into words. I agree there is a sense of community and yet this community has loads of individuality and that is refreshing. How have you been? I have been busy with life outside my computer that this is the first time in a few weeks I have been able to sit down and come to the Pub to chit chat.

~marginalia wrote (thread):

The wider internet has gotten very toxic the last few years. Feels like community after community is tearing itself apart because they can't extend a shred of generosity toward any other perspective than their own.

I think tolerance is a very misunderstood concept. It's like we've forgotten what it even means. Tolerance does not merely involve accepting those who share your own views and are like ourselves, but also those who have views we don't share.

Anyone who thinks that tolerance comes easy is either doesn't know the meaning of the word, is the actual second coming of Christ, or they're lying.

~ew wrote:

Good evening! I agree that most of the part I visit in gemini space and in particular this place is indeed special. Thanks to everyone contributing. Cheers!

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