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What I Would like to See on the Obscure Web


I've been looking around at the Gemini web for a good deal of time now but there is a few things I would like to see more of in the obscure web:

I would like to see more wikis or places for information since I feel that most information can be written through text and the Gemini text format seems good for this kind of thing. Also documentation for different software I use would be nice here. Maybe a proxy could be set up for some things.

I would like to see more furry fandom content in the Gemini web. I can't seem to find anything, despite there being seemingly 100s of IRC servers and chats for that kind of thing. I would host my own capsule for this kind of thing but I have no way of doing so right now that I would be happy with.

What would y'all like to see more of in the Gemini web?

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~euromancer wrote:

Gemtext ain’t very suitable for anything but text, I doubt you’d find any good resource with kind of content you’re looking for.

Gemtext ain’t suitable for complex text blocks as well, the best (and probably only) use of it is blogs. Lack of advanced text formatting, inline links, text blocks, tables, inline media and everything would make a wiki unbearable. Markdown would be much better for this kind of stuff, I wish solderpunk considered some limited subset of Markdown instead of Gemtext which is just way too simple. Although the protocol itself allows any kind of media, so nothing limits you from serving files with text/markdown MIME type. That would require a GUI Gemini browser with Markdown support though.

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