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Midnight Pub

Shhh,! This is a library! Err, wait... no...


I've been sitting in the corner for the last few weeks, watching over the rim of my pint. Every day - sometimes a couple of times a day - I'd come in and quietly order my drink, retiring to one of the dimly-lit corners to cautiously watch the events around me. I'm careful to avoid anyone's eye, and if it weren't for the occasional visit to the bar or the bathroom, you may not even have known I were here until now.

You might think I'm shy. That's okay, I won't argue. I'm not always like this - when at work I'm loud and proud, but as soon as I can turn I it off and allow myself to recharge my batteries. It's tiring, you see, to be an extrovert when you're anything but.

I often enjoy the company of others, which is why I come here. I just do so with little to say. I often get myself into trouble when I offer an opinion up, no matter the topic, for I'm something of a contrarian. I find it preferable to keep my opinions to myself.

Despite all this, sometimes the nervous glances from others gets too much. Tonight I'm saying hello, so you can all rest assured that I am in fact alive and not just propped up in the corner by some cheeky teenagers re-enacting a weekend at Bernie's.

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~commgeek wrote:

I've noticed you across the room. I'm the one with the notebook usually open in front of me and a vacant look on my face, occasionally sipping one of the Pub's excellent porters. I'm also an introvert also, and like you I can bluff it when I need to, but that's taxing. Come over and say Hi if you're in the mood, and now that I know your name I'll say Hi as I pass on the way to the bathroom.

~nargran wrote:

Welcome, ~paul! I think we introverts are many here, maybe even the majority ;)

~ew wrote:

Hello ~paul, welcome to this special place!



~nsilvestri wrote:

Hi, ~paul, and welcome! When I started visiting the Midnight I claimed a spot in the corner as well, but I've since migrated closer to the center as I got more comfortable. Hopefully you'll get more comfortable here in due time, and I'll save you a spot at the bar!

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