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Midnight Pub

Hello all


I'm new to this place, have found it by chance. It seems comfy enough without being dead.

I'm spending this summer alone in a very small mountain village (I need to climb up a hill if I want to access the Internet, as there isn't even landlines here), and I will be sharing some thoughts here. I hope to hang out here long term, although sadly I have a tendency to flee as soon as I start to get acquainted with other users.

We'll see, maybe this will be the time that it doesn't happen :)

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~stargazer wrote:

Don't run! Stay here and have fun!

~aftergibson wrote (thread):

That sounds like the dream! Welcome.

~ralfwause wrote (thread):

Hi and welcome!

Your mountain village situation sounds very interesting!

~tlf wrote (thread):

"I have a tendency to flee as soon as I start to get acquainted with other users."

Is there a reason for that? I know I sometimes feel pressured when there's more engagement than I expect.

Either way, welcome :)

~tskaalgard wrote (thread):


I'd like to hear more about this "mountain village" situation!

Also, is there a reason you often flee upon becoming acquainted with others?

~ew wrote (thread):

Hello, and welcome! Yes, this is a chill place, I can second. No need to rush. There's plenty of space in the shade, if you'd like to join ...

~bartender? The next drink for ~nargran and ~bentsai on my bill, please. Thanks.

~bentsai wrote (thread):

Hi there, welcome in! I’m new here too. So far this place seems pretty chill.

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