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The simple joys of living in the countryside


The winter was long, cold and rainy, so was most of the spring and the anti-covid lockdown left not much to enjoy outside of the house... but now the things have changed, the lockdown is slowly going away, so is covid here in my corner of the world. Today i spend the evening with my wife out there in the fields, in a nice place we set up our grill and roasted steaks and bread, we drank a bit wine and just enjoyed the peacefull time away from civilisation. After the meal we sat there for what seemed an eternity and on the other hand just a blink of a moment... watching birds circle in the thermal upwinds of the evening and some rabbits foraging their supper between fresh growing grain fields i realised once more: As much as i love the buzzing livelyness of a city, as much i need the freedom of the countryside and the simple joys it can bring.

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~stargazer wrote:

I love living in the country. I am not antisocial, but I do enjoy the peace and quiet and freedom that living in the country offers.

~nargran wrote:

> i need the freedom of the countryside and the simple joys it can bring

Beautifully said. Couldn't agree more.

~stargazer wrote (thread):

I live in the country because I could not function effectively in the city. Too many people too close together with too many rules.

~shiloh wrote (thread):

Wow, that's awesome! My dad and his friend bought some land up north (US), so he and I went up there for turkey season. It was so nice to just unwind up there, no cell service or any of that. Just chopping wood, spreading fertilizer, and riding ATVs around. The land itself was great. Beautiful forestry, fast-running creeks, deer, turkeys, chipmunks. It felt so relieving to just focus on what was in front of me rather than all the other stuff that's going on in the world.

~euromancer wrote (thread):

I live in the countryside and I love it. It’s not even suburban, it’s like 20 km (12 miles?) away from the city.

It’s so much fun and so peaceful I love it! Waking up sometime in the morning, grabbing some cucumbers and berries from my garden and enjoying them, while sitting on the couch under the canopy while it’s 38C outside. Cherry trees are giving fruit now. Can’t wait for late summer to be having watermelons on my pavilion.

Well, countryside life brings some job to do, like cutting grass, digging garden, and everything, but the job is so simple and peaceful I love it.

I have some friends to gather in my garden, we just sit here smoking pot and eating fresh garden goods.

We even do barbecue with beers sometimes.

Although what sucks is the lack of good convenience stores and interesting places to go, but we do got mountains to go hiking, we get our bikes to go off-roading. Sometimes we go to the nearby river and ponds and reservoirs. I’m buying a ping pong table next month cause the local ping pong place ain’t very good.

Man I love countryside!

I want a suburban house closer to the city, but I can’t afford it yet.

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