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Not everything is bad on the big bad internet. One of my favourite pages is this


Yes, it requires javascript, but check it out yourself, if you would please be so kind as to ...

This project and website is high on my personal list of amazing things that exist on the net. The project has produced kits to build receiver stations featuring a lightning detector, a GPS receiver for accurate time, and a LAN connection to send it's data "home". The home server then calculates the location of the reported lightning events. Make sure you activate the "Detectors" switch for your amazement and wonder ...


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~stargazer wrote:

I love weather stuff and I may have even stumbled upon that site by accident a while ago.

~stargazer wrote:

Very cool link. I like weather stuff.

~rosie88 wrote:

Thank you ew for this link. I went there and apparently central USA is lit up like aYule tree. That of course is due to active severe thunderstorms and tornadoes. I hope those people out there are safe but I like that it was real time.

~she12 wrote (thread):

Sehr schöne Seite!;D

I'd love to see that combined with an ASCII map like mapscii.me...

~commgeek wrote (thread):

Thank you for mentioning this - it was not on my RADAR - now noted, and perhaps I'll create a node in my area (not much "need" as there is very little lighting - we're blessed).

In a somewhat similar (Geeky) vein, here's a similar project for Amateur Radio Operators called WSPRnet


Weak Signal Propagation Reporter (WSPR) is a mode that allows very, very low power transmitters (can be as simple as piece of wire coming off a GPIO pin on a Raspberry Pi) to be heard around the world via this network of receivers. Radio is amazing.

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