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Midnight Pub

Return from an Absence


Isn't it nice, after having been away for some time, whether relatively short, or perhaps far too long, to return to a familiar spot, to see the familiar features, greet familiar faces, and find that, all and all, nothing much has changed?

I disappeared from the pub for the better part of the past week and a half because out in the non-virtual realms I was getting to see my brother and mother in person for the first time in over two years. With them I visited a number of actual phys-space bars and pubs and drank decidedly delicious beers. It was the first time, since the plague age began that I felt like I was slightly living a real life again. It was great. We went to a number of spots I had not been to since some time in 2019, which, despite only being two years, or so, ago, feels ages away.

And now I return here, a relatively short time later, and find this Pub as comforting and familiar as I last left it.

How has June been treating y'all so far?

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~stargazer wrote:

Been going great for me. Just work'n, podcasting and listening to vinyl.

~tlf wrote:

Nothing to report here. Great that your finally got to see family. Welcome back :)

~ew wrote:

Hello ~fungmungus, good to see you back.

June has treated me very well:

vacation time for me, yay!

It has been raining some, which I have come to cheer. Who would have thought that in a well rained on country some day folks would welcome rain? This definitely has changed from when I was a youngster

I keep going forward with my hobby electronics stuff, which is nice.

I did receive the first covid19 shot, yay again!

So life is definitely good for me.

~bartender? One of those dark beers for me, please. Not Guiness though, that's not my world, sorry. Kröstizer maybe, or Köstritzer, or even a Schwabenbräu Das Schwarze, unless the godesses of the supply chain are having their own ideas :-)

And whatever ~fungmungus is up to on my order, please. Thank you!


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