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Installed Haiku OS

Amazed how good it is

Never go back


Really: It is f***ing good! I have used Linux, OpenBSD and even Plan9 for years now and really... i have never before had this "wow, this is how an desktop os should be" feeling before (Ok, thats not completely true: The last time i had this feeling was using Windows NT 4.0)

I had dabbled into BeOS back in the 90s and early 2000, but back then the hardware support was really not that good... but now? I can only repeat myself: Its amazing good.

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~przemub wrote:

I have been dabbling with Haiku for the last eight years and I absolutely love it. I contributed to them during Google Code-in contest - the community is awesome.

The design and cohesivity of the environment is something I always dreamt of when on Linux... In the last couple of years, the community focused greatly on ports, and much more modern software is available - so more people could use it as a daily driver.

With a bit more of backing it could be as good or better than macOS as a common desktop OS (fun fact: Apple was in talks with Be founder to buy Be, so this could have happened!).

~enteka wrote:

Yeah, but what about installing software? I mean

baby wants to install Amstrad CPC virtual machine

because baby wants to

~calgacus wrote (thread):

Wow, color me intrigued! What's the reason to use this over some random Linux distro? What got you feeling it's so amazing?

~tlf wrote:

My last Haiku stint

It was almost a success

Must try it again

But yes, it's gorgeous. The installation to disk was problematic. Then email needed some teaejjbg and I messed it up. Videos wouldn't always play. But the system overall is incredible. I hope I can make it my main OS at some point as I'm mostly using the basics these days.

~tskaalgard wrote (thread):

I clicked on this post

Quite hoping to see and read

A haiku poem :/

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