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Midnight Pub

Good Evening


// This time I made it in :-)

Bartender? A Highland Park, please? A glas of water and a coffee. Sure, I know, strange combination, isn't it. Thank you so much.

I take a seat such that I can stare outside and watch the rain. I dig a paper notebook and pen out of my trusty backpack and wait. Maybe my mind will find something to note down. Maybe not. Who knows. Just be prepared ...

My drinks arrive. Thank you, bartender! Cheers, folks!

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~ew wrote:

// note to myself:

Aha, so I see that my round trip through the booby trap wasn't entirely unexpected. When the gemini reader says "(thread)" after "~login wrote:" THEN there is another message behind that! Yay. Which confirms what I knew already: /me is web-ignorant to unbelievable levels . And no, I'm not going to dlick everywhere in order to find out, where all the funny links are hiding. Sigh! Maybe I should resort to "show me the source" more often %^>

Respect to she12! I'm impressed by looking at the ascii version of the list of signs. But making that work? On my browser?? Meeehhh, well no. Bound to fail.

~rosie88 wrote (thread):

I am sitting by the lounge, I am nursing a whisky and water, hearing the front door open I turn to look to see who walks in, it is ew. I smile and lift my glass and calls out "Hiya ew, how about keeping me company?" Spots him getting his drink and waits for him to approach.....

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