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Just an ale will do


The paler the better. My niece just graduated high school today. She was about my daughter's age when I graduated, nearly half my life ago. I'm not sure what to make of it, but these lyrics came to me as I was typing this, from an old Jack Johnson song:

If the moon
Can pull the tides
It can pull the tears
And take 'em from our eyes
And turn 'em into monsoons.
Sooner or later
They'll make their way back to the sea
Gonna finally be free
Free for a while
Until they break
Like waves of sorrow always break
All in due time
'cause time never waits

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~euromancer wrote:

By the way, where do I get pale ale for thirsty Pam?

~ew wrote:

Congrats to the young lady! This is an important day in life :-)

Next year it will be 40 years for me ...

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