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Midnight Pub

23. The Guardian Angel


"I'm going to take a nap," I said, as I lay down on one side of the bed. "Okay", Anne said. "Are you going to sleep with me?" I asked her. "Yeah, sure."

I closed my eyes. Here I was, in bed with one of the most beautiful women on the planet. Why she would chose to be around a bum like me was beyond me. But she made me feel calm and relaxed. Well, I could finally catch up on my sleep!

"Anne?" "Hmm?" "Can I hold you hand while I sleep?" I asked. "Why?" "For protection!" "Protection?! From what?" she almost laughed. "From ghosts and bad dreams!" The moment I'd said it, I just realized how silly it sounded.

She lay down next to me and said, "Go to sleep Krsnah. I'll watch over you, okay?" "Okay!" I smiled.

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