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The AhHa moment...

It's amazing what one can be enlighten with when one is alone and in a thinking mode.

This morning, as with any morning, I had my cup of coffee, elixir of the gods I reckon, I then had a keto muffin and went upstairs to get ready to start my day. I fired up my computer and went on the "normie" web and to my favorite online horoscopes and read mine. I am a Pisces, and there was when I had my "ahha" moment.

> You will be in touch with your divine mission and this inner certainty will be validated by your environment. You will now be able to channel a very spiritual energy and become a beacon for the people around you. Your inner clarity will allow you to find your way. <

I say it was my moment of "clarity" because now I know why last week was a clusterfuck of chaos. There was a group I dropped because of cyberbullying bullshit, there was other outside things that caused me stress as well....it was because it was time for me to take out the garbage so to speak.

The dross and filth have been dropped, the time for my furtherance in my spiritual forward motion continues on and there are absolutely nothing standing in my way.......now that "divine mission" I have no clue what it is......that "become a beacon for the people around" me I don't know yet......this calls for some deep meditation and soul searching but I do know I am heading down the right path. Thank the gods and goddesses for the enlightenment.

Further work is needed, no time to stop.

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~tskaalgard wrote (thread):

Good luck! :)

~euromancer wrote (thread):

I think I am autistic, I just don't and can't understand this kind of things. There are periods when I can't see any point in doing basically anything, including vitals like eating or going home back from the office, sometimes I just suddenly stop along the way trying to convince myself to get home. But there are some other periods when I don't care why, I just want to do fun stuff or develop myself and I really do enjoy it. I guess I'm in one of those periods since all I can ask you is “What's the point of seeking for a goal when you can just enjoy the present moment?”

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