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Midnight Pub

TLS user cert


I just found this capsule


I love the fact one can use TLS certificate to authenticate, as intended by Gemini, removing the need to leave the small web to interact with others.

Maybe the bartender here should consider a little upgrade?

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~tskaalgard wrote:

I can bring it up to the dev and see what they say. I would love to be able to interact with the Pub exclusively in Gemini.

~rosie88 wrote (thread):

I had to read your post several times but now I get what you're saying, it would be nice if we can leave replies and stay within the Gemini sphere as opposed to clicking "reply" and it taking us outside the geminisphere. I wouldn't begin to know how to respond but yea it would be a nice thing but no matter, this is a great capsule and I am grateful for m15o for doing this for all of us

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