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i hate fast food (rant)


I usually know better than to eat at McDonalds or similar places, but sometimes I just want something quick and can't be bothered to make it myself. So I stop in an order a plain cheeseburger, a small fry, and a small coke.

It should be easy, right? Well, every time I make the mistake of going to McDonalds and ordering a plain cheeseburger, that's not what I get. Instead. I get one of the burgers they have sitting under a heat lamp—lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, and all.

Every time this happens, I go in and show the person behind the counter my receipt, show them what I got, and ask them if this looks like a plain cheesburger to them.

They usually get it right the second time.

This time they fucked it up twice. I ended up talking to the manager, and had to tell her, "No, I don't want a refund. I want what I ordered and paid for."

I know people working in fast food don't get paid enough to give a shit, but why take it out on the customers? All I wanted on my way home from visiting my father in the hospital was a plain fuckin' cheeseburger: bun, meat, cheese. It's not that hard.

Really, I wish people working at McDonalds would grow a spine and stage more wildcat strikes instead of retaliating against their bosses by fucking up reasonable orders..

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~tskaalgard wrote (thread):

Don't give McDonalds your business. Even if you just want a burger, there are many better places that can get you a burger just as fast. Some of those other places will actually feed you food, too! McDonalds no longer serves food.

~tlf wrote (thread):

I have full sympathy and support for the workers but getting a simple order wrong like that is below the line IMO.

I guess if it motivates us to buy from smaller businesses, maybe that's a silver lining to that cloud.

I hope your dad is doing okay.

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