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Midnight Pub

Sporty summer night


I went shopping today and bought roller skates and a table tennis set.

It was a hot evening, we had some fun playing ping pong with my friend and later went skating, while they were on an electric scooter. I’m tired, sweating and very happy. I never had roller skates so it’s my first time tonight. What a workout it was! I guess I still have to practice so it becomes more fun and less labor.

I think I did smart buying protection for my knees, elbows and palms, although they haven’t hit the ground tonight. Well, there always is a first time :)

Now that I took shower and got changed, it’s time to get some beer in lovely Midnight Pub.

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~rosie88 wrote (thread):

I am so glad you had fun. I never had skates growing up although all my friends had them. Back in the 70's here in America at least, the skates came with a little key, the skates were adjustable and that key was needed to loosen and tighten the skates.

This brought me memories of me watching my friends skate with their little key dangling around their necks on little shoestrings. :)

~tlf wrote (thread):

Sounds like so much fun. It actually put a smile on my face reading it :)

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