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This place seems(ed) interesting... soooooo... a challenge for you good people :

Tell us something we do not (currently) know.

Spark a conversation.

(Do NOT talk about the weather)

Andiamo ...

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~starbreaker wrote (thread):

I used to be an Ayn Rand fanboy. I got over it when I started taking my own writing seriously and realized that I couldn't write a libertarian utopia that seemed believable to *me*. I eventually figurd out that right-wing libertarianism and the minarchism Rand favored did nothing but privatize tyranny.

Also, I've seen people on literotica.com do a better job of writing rough sex stories.

~rosie88 wrote (thread):

Well, I was once an Anarchist, in the classical sense not what passes these day for "anachists". It all ended when I became a police officer back in 1990.

I think that is enough to spark an atomic bomb of conversation(s). Carry On.

~coldwave wrote (thread):

Just remembered that the book we know as the dictionary is not the full dictionary (obviously, in retrospect). The full list of words they've collected, even historically, is like 12 books long. The short version is not just the most common words either. It's a selection of words that someone thought are most important for schoolchildren to learn. [source: encyclopedia brittanica online]

~tlf wrote (thread):

Yoga was apparently not as much about physical exercise until it came to the West. It was a way of helping the body endure longer meditation sittings.

An oversimplification I'm sure since there are many traditions, but it's at least true of some.

~brewed wrote (thread):

The word "bed" looks like a bed. A small one though. A more comfy one would be beeeeed!

Now if we add a blanket: beẽẽẽd.

And if we add a pillow: bêẽẽẽd.

Who wants to go next?

~edisondotme wrote:

Venus fly traps trap insects because the swampy soil they grow in is usually too nutrient deficient to support themselves, so they have to rely on eating bugs. This means that venus fly traps that are often sprung with one's finger will die because they keep having to open and close and don't get a bug to eat as a reward.

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