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I Think I'll Keep My Mask


I haven't been vaccinated yet, but when I get around to it I think I'll probably keep wearing a mask in public. Since I have long hair and fairly soft features, people sometimes mistake me for a woman when I'm out in public, and that often means being told to smile.

That hasn't happened to me since I've started wearing masks in public, and I don't miss it. Besides, if I wear a hat along with my mask it's makes life harder for people who benefit from the ubiquity of surveillance cameras in public places. :)

I look forward to a future where people only show their faces to people they trust, and the sight of a mask is a clear signal meaning: "we're not friends, so please keep your distance".

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~tlf wrote (thread):

Even though I'm vaccinated, knowing most are not yet makes me hesitant so as an at-risk person I'll keep it on in indoor public spaces.

I think it'll also give others who are still waiting to be vaccinated some peace of mind - they've no way of knowing whether I'm vaccinated or infected and life is hard enough.

~analog wrote (thread):

I wear a mask so I can stick my tongue out at people without them seeing.

~nsilvestri wrote (thread):

The audacity of some people (let's be real: generally older men) to tell others to smile. Who do they think they are? Rep that long hair \m/

But anyway, I'm fully vaccinated and I've still been wearing a mask when leaving the house, although I've started wearing it on my wrist when on walks, putting it on if I pass someone on the sidewalk. It's mostly a courtesy; other people whom I see usually do the same thing.

I think as restrictions at the offices, stores, restaurants, etc. open up I'll generally stop wearing one. I will, however, put one on if I'm sick and going out in public for whatever reason. Too many times have I been guilty of not taking a sick day when I probably should.

~swan wrote (thread):

I don't have the same reasons to wear a mask as you do but I might sometimes wear a mask in the future. Definitely think it would be good to wear when I'm a bit sick but still need to go places or when many people around me are sick.

It will be interesting how people use masks and when they wear them going foward.

~starbreaker wrote:

PS: I could cut my hair, but then the people who mistake me for a woman would assume I was a butch lesbian. You just can't win with some people. Besides, I like being a long-haired metalhead; why should I give up my hair for people who don't give a shit about me?

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