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smolZine word search


Greetings patrons! I see some of you are comfortably seated in the lounge, by the fireplace. I brought some magazine:


I love to see how joneworlds wrote a word search on an post from littlejohn. Who new word search were my new favorite thing?

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~littlejohn wrote:

How did I not know about smolZINE yet? I DEMAND AN EXPLANATION TO THE INTERWEBS!!!

I got tied up with work (such is the life of a contractor...) for a few weeks and I barely had time to look around Gemini so it's only now that I'm learning about smolZine and I am just so happy this is happening! I *hope* the email I wrote to its creator is sort of coherent because it took me a while to get the words through the wall of enthusiasm that kept converting them into "fuck yeah!"s.

(In case anyone's unaware of the *particularly* cool factor smolZINE involves in my case: a while back, I used to publish Smog, a small zine that, as far as I know, was the first ezine published over Gemini. I stopped way earlier than I'd planned but it was nice while it lasted. smolZINE is, in many ways, the better Smog I wish I could've published -- I love its community focus and its wider-than-tech approach, and you should go read it!)

I haven't done word search puzzles in a while and this sparked a lot of joy for me today :-). Back when I was a kid, they used to publish word search puzzles on the back page of small comic book magazines for children. They were sort of expensive for a while, so I didn't have too many when I was a kid. I must've read the ones I had hundreds of times, but I was careful not to look over the word search puzzles on the backpage too often, so that I'd forget them and be able to do them again after a while.

~tlf wrote:

I've noticed a few "bugs" in the word search. I had assumed it was just me but after going over it again I'm a little more confident.

Not present:







Expensiv (missing last letter)

Undern (missing eath)

It was still a lot of fun. I haven't done one in years and forgot how much I enjoy them.

~rosie88 wrote:

I love word searches, it's my favorite puzzle to do and keeps me entertained for hours.

~tlf wrote:

Such a great idea. I really enjoyed the whole thing.

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