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Forgive my lack of programming knowledge but how does one go about proxying a gemini capsule into the http web?

I am interested in building gemini capsules but to be able to proxy them into the http web.

I appreciate the help and thank you so much in advance


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~euromancer wrote (thread):

I've been interested in making a capsule lately. Probably just a pub clone, nothing fancy. I think I'm just going to have two separate servers for the web and for gemini serving the same content, the simplest possible solution, since HTTP nowadays is way too complicated to re-implement it. Sounds way simpler and much more fun than forking some TCP server to route requests to one of running HTTP or Gemini servers. And since there is no asynchronous Gemini server libraries on Python yet I guess it's my chance to make the first one. Although it's not even working yet.

~m15o wrote (thread):

Hi Rosie!

Here is a Web proxy for Gemini:


You can give it a gemini URL, and it will show it directly from the web, as if you were using a Gemini browser. You can give it your capsule's URL and it will allow you to view it directly from the web.

If you haven't built your capsule yet, you can use Smol Pub. It automatically mirrors your posts on the Web and Gemini (and Gopher too!). Send me an email (my name m15o@posteo.net) and I'll give you a key if you are interested.

Smol Pub

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