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Bookmarks syncing


I like to browse gemini from different devices (I have one smartphone and two computers). So I have three sets of bookmarks. It's not very convenient.

For browsing the web I've always used the sync functionality from Firefox to sync my bookmarks. However, lately I have tried a new browser for Android : EinkBrowser. It is very nice to use, but I can't sync the bookmarks from firefox.

So now between my web bookmarks on two different browsers and my gemini bookmarks that are not synced, it is quite a mess !

I thought about several solutions:

- Use a specific software to store my bookmarks. I tried Zotero. It works well and it can save offline copy of website. However, it is usually for researchers, so it is not tailored for bookmarks management. There also solutions like pinboard, but I am reluctant to pay for it, and I want a "free software" solution (so not Pocket).

- Change my behavior : Stop browsing gemini at work and on my phone, and only do it on my personal computer. The simplest solution in a sense :)

So what about you ?

- How do you manage your bookmarks in gemini ?

- Do you sync them across devices ?

- Do you have a common place for web and gemini bookmarks ?

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~m15o wrote (thread):

That’s a big challenge indeed! I enjoy pinboard quite a lot, but I stopped using it for a while. Now I manage all my bookmarks from a simple text file on emacs, I store the links there indifferently of the protocole they use, and since I use emacs for browsing it makes the thing convenient. However it doesn’t sync on my phone or other computers!

~rosie88 wrote (thread):

I have three gemini clients on my phone, Ariane, Deedum and Xenia and two laptops, one which has both Amfora and Lagrange and the other one only has Lagrange on it, I wasn't able to download Amfora on it.

Anyway, all of them have copious amounts of bookmarks, I love slow surfing gemini on my phone in the middle of the night when I can't sleep, but I can't sync them so if I remember a page and have forgotten the gemini URL on my computer but remember it's on my phone on one of the clients, I go there and find it and carefully type the URL on my lets say, my computer gemini client and then I will bookmark it there........it's tedious I know but it is what we can do for now lacking the sync capability. It's a minor inconvenience but one I am willing to put up with as long as Gemini exists and I get to enjoy it.

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