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Midnight Pub

No More Fediverse


Well, I've deleted my Fediverse account again. Hopefully I won't make the mistake of joining again in 6-12 months.

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~nargran wrote (thread):

It seems to me the problem is with the very idea of social media, it's inherent to it. It used to be very active in various mainstream social media and got excited about the Fediverse after closing all my accounts elsewhere... Well, at the end is more of the same. I left all form of social media (centralized or federated) three years ago and it's been really good for my well-being.

~rosie88 wrote (thread):

thank you for writing your personal experience with the "fediverse" I was going to jump into the craze but really haven't had the time. Reading through your posts about this has made me glad I didn't take the plunge.

~tskaalgard wrote (thread):

By "Fediverse" I assume you mean Mastodon? Fediverse =/= ActivityPub

~brewed wrote (thread):

Congrats on that! I've never joined the Fediverse, and it feels like I haven't been missing out too much.

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