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Busy Days


Busy Days

There's only one of me and yet I feel like I have been divided into many small parts. One part has to go food shopping. Another part has to run to the gym. Then another of the other parts wants to hang out because the day is way to lovely to rush home. Oh my gods, I forget how many hours are in a day and how many days are in a week? I do this to myself so there's no one to blame but myself.

Longing for a vacation

I am longing for a vacation away from this all. I long for days out in nature, relaxing with nature's call and like minded friends. Oh those days seem far too distant but I will make it happen sooner than later.

Rolling eyes

What the fuck? I am trying to plan a small excursion through the New England area and some towns are still "lockdown". I am so fucking sick and tired of this covid bullshit.......it's time to open up and live life! What is everyone afraid of, the big bad covid boogieman. Whatever! More planning ahead

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~stargazer wrote (thread):

I just spent last weekend in the Manistee Nation forest in Michigan. It was very relaxing.

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