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Midnight Pub

How I Know It's Time to Leave


This isn't about the Midnight. Just making that clear up front. However, I've found that when my primary form of engagement with other platforms involves blocking people because they posted something annoying that showed up in my feed without consent, it's time to delete my account on that platform.

I think I'm starting to reach that point with the Fediverse. It's really just a more technologically complicated version of Twitter for people who couldn't hack it on the real Twitter.

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~rosie88 wrote (thread):

I have been bounced out of facebook, twitter, VK (a Russian version of facebook) Instagram, all "social" media because I am direct, I don't pull punches when voicing an opinion so if enough people report me I get the banhammer. It has been years since those bans and I don't miss it to be honest. By the way, I find it more enjoyable being here and chatting with you and the rest of the crowd here.

~enteka wrote:

I didn't expect anything better than twitter from a copycat, so I haven't joined, nor plan to do so. That's all I can say, really.

~tlf wrote (thread):

The main thing I wanted from Mastodon was to have conversation related to something other than computers. I could have survived longer otherwise :) I haven't logged in in years and have lost the link to my instance / handle.

That said, I don't log into social media in general anymore (nitter instead of twitter, libredd.it instead of reddit, yewtu.be instead of youtube). midnight.pub and IRC are "just right" for me.

~jetgirl wrote (thread):

Same, I check my mastodon instance feed maybe once a day max and its typically just posts from the previous days because I only follow a handful of folks. Checking the local or fedi feeds is just Twitter 2.0.

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