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Midnight Pub

Just take my money and go away.


I just want to buy a thing; I don't want your emails, or your surveys. I want to give you money, get my thing, and then have you leave me the F' alone. This is how transactions work; I give you money, you give me thing, and then the transaction is complete.

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~starbreaker wrote (thread):

This shit keeps happening because everybody trying to sell shit thinks they need or deserve to have a "relationship" with their customers.

I don't want a relationship with ATLUS or SEGA just because I bought the deluxe remastered edition of Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne. Nor do I want a relationship with Nissan just because I had bought a car from them. And I sure as shit don't want a relationship with Google because I let my day job issue me an Android phone.

I can barely tolerate relationships with other human beings. I certainly won't tolerate relationships with corporations.

~rosie88 wrote:

Yes that is what the typical WWW monster behaves like these days. You land on a website, you see something you find interesting, the price is reasonable so you go to buy it and....WHAM! you get hit with "free newsletter" unwanted video advert, blah blah blah. At times, shit like that has caused my whole computer to freeze up so that now I have to give my computer a hard reboot......talk about raging the fuck out, well they lost a customer.....I feel your pain honestly.

~fungmungus wrote (thread):

"But don't you want to know about upcoming offers and opportunities?"

- rolls eyes - "no, no I do not."

~ralfwause wrote:

I think for "peak amazon" they need to annoy the people just a few years more ;-) And meanwhile... perhaps its time for some "not so annoying webshops" in the small web... just thinking...

~peterhd wrote:

This does not just resonate, it seriously bangs the gong!

~fish-fingerer wrote (thread):

I just want to just buy a thing,
I don’t care about anything-
Else you may sell,
Show an ad? Go to hell!
Just please, let me buy my shopping.

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