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Midnight Pub

The Best Night to Visit a Pub?


It's Friday and I suspect, without any backing evidence, that this is the day of the week when bars and pubs see the most evening activity. Could be a toss-up with Saturday I suppose, but I am still thinking Friday is busier for these establishments, as being the end of many folks' work week contains a kind of celebratory visit.

Even before the pandemic I was not going out to bars nearly as frequently as I had a decade ago. A large part of this is, no doubt, just a part of getting older and having a lot else on my plate. Another factor was that in recent years I've progressively moved further and further away from my mid-sized cities downtown, and while there are proximal bars and pubs, the fact that I'd have to drive (or Uber/Lyft . . . dear god please no) is a fair deterrent. The one exception was Tuesday nights, where some pals and I would go to a tiny local joint, What Ales You, an exclusively beer pub, to play a combination of bar trivia and random board games that one of us would bring.

Tuesday evenings actually strike me as a perfect night for a bar visit. From the perspective of a m-f work week I've long considered Tuesdays to be the most challenging day. It is neither the beginning of the week nor even close to the end. The work that I do seems to be at its most undefined and sludgy on Tuesdays. So yeah, if a bar visit is to be celebratory, then Tuesday night strikes me as quite nice. It also tends to be a quieter night for most alcohol serving establishments and I - very much an introvert - have never cared for large crowds.

Of course, here at the Midnight, it seems any evening - or, indeed, anytime - is good for a visit. I'm forgoing beer this evening, as I'm planning a meal of pasta and sauce, so I'm leaning toward an Italian red, possible a Chianti or Montepulciano. Hope this Friday is treating everyone else well.

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~euromancer wrote:

Ain’t every night a good night? Nothing can be better than having few drinks after work

~euromancer wrote:

Ain’t every night a good night? Nothing can be better than having few drinks after work

~nostrodecus wrote (thread):

A wise woman once told me that on Thursdays we go out for drinks with our coworkers, because we want to save fridays for going out with people we actually like.

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