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Poetry in Teams


A boring day at the homeoffice. For some reasons unknown to me the company decided to use Office365, so for video calls Teams it is. Somewhen in one of the endless video calls I played around with all the stupid buttons and activated the live subtitling. Which is supposed to work for English only while the actual spoken language was German. Surprisingly and for the first time ever Teams came up with a piece of poetry:

> Verlassen

> Does computer knowledgeable should not do absolutely poetry again?

> Yeah it shouldn't.

> Poultry again yeah, sure.

> The status wouldn't died from Hunan.

> He comes out of this.

> But yeah but fishing here and

Unfortunately it's not possibly to store the subtitle except by quickly copy & pasting, but we all now Teams (the software) sucks. But it provides us a great open end here.

("Verlassen" is German for "Leave" on that button, but here I'd rather translate it back to "abandoned")

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~analog wrote (thread):

So English Poetry is hidden in the German Language?

~fish-fingerer wrote (thread):

On a boring Teams meeting one day,
Nagel clicked on some buttons for play,
It made voices subtitled
And Nagel’s german was titled
As Verlassen means leave, go away!

~tlf wrote:

Freundlichen Gruß. Years from now, that text will be proven to contain a deep existential truth.

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