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Midnight Pub

Relaxing in the cafe


Beautiful View

Finally amazing weather has brought us all out to enjoy the weather and people watching is in full force, I am enjoy the atmosphere as usual since it is a cafe I have been patronizing since I landed in my small town USA. Indeed, I feel optimism once again that we have achieve the "normal" we have all longed for.


I am waiting for my food to arrive, I am sitting here replying to other peoples' posts and enjoying people watching. Finally spring has sprung and it feels like the middle of summer.

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~fungmungus wrote (thread):

From a mid-sized southern latitude USA city, loving the outdoors, but it's already getting pretty hot, and I'm definitely missing the weather as it was a few weeks prior.

The evenings are nice though . . . so midnight visits are essential.

~rxoverrun wrote (thread):

Fellow Small Town, USA resident here. Seems to be chilly and cloudy where I am. How odd that we exist so close yet so far apart.

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