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Disappointment is a great place to explore for new ideas; don't like that dish you got? experiment and improve on it till you get to what YOU like. Hear a song that is just a little off? perform it yourself until you get it the way you imagine it should be played.

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~rosie88 wrote:

the only way to get things done the right way is to experience error and disappointment. That is how I get things done, I have been disappointed many times, sometimes my fault and sometimes through the fault of others but one thing that remained consistant is that I always got up and either changed it completely or improved upon it, either way I was the better person for it.

~fungmungus wrote (thread):

A friend at work this morning honestly asked if success was the only criterion for giving good advice.

"Absolutely not!" I exclaimed. "Failure is just as necessary as success. Without failure there can be no learning. Without failure there is no impetuous to improve."

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