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Tangled cords


No doubt we've all had occasional encounters with a tangle of cords, of some shape or form, in our lives. They present a singular kind of frustration. An application of seeming chaos to what seems like should be a straight forward solution. A cord, indeed, is a line. As such, the frustration of the tangled cord absolutely begs for the freedom of a cordless solution. And so a cordless world has increasingly been implemented. But what is lost in such cordlessness. The tangles are gone, or so it seems, but the lines have become invisible, intangible things. We believe the cordless signal, can see that it works, but there a new mysteries. We're untethered in all the positive and negative connotations that can have. At what cost comes this kind of freedom? A shoelace - a cord of its own - may come untied, but we, in the moment, can recreate the knot. But can we tie anew a wave moving through space and time? Uncertain.

It's morning, early for some, later for others. I'm drinking coffee; french pressed; black. How is your day starting off?

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~nagel wrote:

Unfortunately my nephews have laceless shoes. So they'll probably never learn how to (re)create the knot. They have never seen a phone attached to a cable (except for charging). They don't understand the concept of copying and storing music on different media as they think it's just "there" on every device.

But maybe we're just boring old farts?

~rosie88 wrote (thread):

this is a great post, as I read it and saw it yes the physical cords may be gone, thus no physical entanglements but the only entanglements I see now with all the "cordless" craze is that it has allowed many nefarious things to happen. In the guise of "bluetooth" we have telemetry that can geolocate where you stand by only a few feet, all the "cordless" nonsense has caused so much data to fall in the hands of all these alphabet "agencies" that I truly long for the days of the simple web where everything was connected by literal cords and there were no alphabet agencies and their datamining bullshit.

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