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Midnight Pub

First Report EOW3DC


Just one day on my challenge to limit my Big Bad Web use just for work and essential, so no funny things.

And I can say I feel that time does seem to expand, even though Mondays are among my paddling days. (I train on surfskis Mon, Wen and Fri whatever the ever and woe is you if you aren't doing the same)

I've filled that time posting on cosmic.voyage and giving a little love to my capsule. Oh, and reading a bit around on Gemini and Gopher, plus some old reference Amstrad CPC 464 manuals.

A bit of a disappointment has been to notice some of the roughness of twitter creeping into Gemini. I'm not commenting more on it as in our small community it would be easy to identify such and, tbh, if I am pretty darn sure nothing good would come out of yet another confrontation.

Lastly I replaced YT as a source of music with my small collection of mp3s and such. Listening to Heidevolk as I type.

I will be posting again on Thursday to see how it went.

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~tlf wrote:

Good going. I've noticed that when I've had unplanned breaks from computers that I've been generally happier and healthier. It's motivating to read your entries.

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