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Midnight Pub

A new beginning


I am weary after the emotional turmoil the last year brought, but now some things seem a bit brighter than a few weeks ago, some things i see clearer now... as i approach the Pub i think about the things i found out about me.

You see, i am someone who could best be described as a nerd... i used to LOVE computers, the net and everything new! But the last few years tended to give all of this a bit of a stale taste. You know, if you talked back in the early 2000s here in my region with someone about computers or the net, he either worked in this field or was a 110% nerd himself, often times both. I will not emphasis, that the net was more friendly than today... no way... but it was different. It was more creative. Even when youtube and facebook arrived first on the scene, the content there was... more personal perhaps? As i think about this, the best comparison would be that youtube und facebook have now the place in society the TV had before: Its just consumerism. Watch the next video, click on the next meme, shut down your brain and let the colorfull pictures lull you into sleep. At least for me this is what it does. What it did.

As i enter the Pub i look around, everything looks a bit old fashioned, everything looks less polished, but i like what i see. The folks i observe seems to be the "down-to-earth" kind of people... i really like the first look of the place, it reminds me of the good times i had in similar locations "back then".

As i head for the bar to order a beer, i think about the resolutions i had made for me:

I deleted my facebook account, i will not watch random youtube videos for entire evenings anymore, i quitted the poisonous comment sections of big newspapers... its time for a step away from the "commercinet" and towards something perhaps less colorfull, but much brighter. Its time for a new beginning.


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~rosie88 wrote:

I like that "commercinet" mind if I use it? By the way, this is a great post, I am a lot older than you but I feel your pain of what the consumernet has become and commend you efforts to free yourself from "social" media and youtube. You have made great strides in becoming a truly free person.

Wilkommen to the Midnight Pub we regulars are a friendly bunch and like newcomers.

> I lift my glass of beer and says "cheers!" and go on drinking

~stargazer wrote:

Cheers to that!

~bitdweller wrote:

Um brinde a isso / A toast to that!

I love browsing through gemini directories as opposed to scrolling reddit :)

It makes me feel like the pre-google 90s!

~tlf wrote:

Sláinte / cheers!

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