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Midnight Pub

The walk towards the pub


The Purposeful Trip

After another day working on that confounded website, I shutdown my laptop, walk over towards the keys that hung on a keyholder and walk towards the front door. I step over the threshold and locking the door I decided the pub would be a welcomed respite from both digital world and regular insane world. I walked the three city blocks to the left, once I get to the corner called "Midnight Street" I hang another left and walk another block and there is that little alley. I don't get bothered, it's broad daylight. I walk through the door and announce "Hey everyone, how are you all doing?" I walk over to the bar where I see the bartender and says "this time I want an ale, cold and frothy please." I make my way to the stool and sit. The music is pleasant, the atmosphere wonderfully relaxing. I wait for my drink and wait for the fun to begin

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~bartender wrote (thread):

Beer it is for my friends rhodon and rosie. Enjoy it while it's cold!

~rhodon wrote (thread):

So, whassup? Long day, huh? Hey, forget about it, it's beer-o'clock now, right?

Barkeep, I'll have another. Thank you. Get another one for my new friend here while you're at it. Looks like they need it.

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