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Midnight Pub

The Essentials Only Web 3 days challenge


OK, so what's this all about:

1.- Let's define the Web as all that is not the "Small Internet"

2.- So what's the "Small Internet aka Small Web"?

Anything that's on Gopher

Anything that's on Gemini

Simple, personal websites with little CSS and JS (that's a bit vague but that's what I have at this point). This very website and, self-promotion, cosmic.voyage and one I did myself might serve as an example


3. Provisional Rules

No Big Bad Web for 3 days except when I really need to use it for work, taxes, family obligations, finding reference and such.

If possible I will try and use Gemini, Gopher and the "small webs" before resorting to the Big Bad Web.

Hence not for hobbies, games, fun, watching videos and so forth.

The rules are, well vague, which I dislike but the thing is that I don't really know where I'm heading, so let me explore first.

Also, three days because I really don't know what's going to happen. After three days I might be able to extend it and/or update the rules.

My first day will be tomorrow, the 17th of May, 2021 so I hope to post my first findings some time on Tuesday, next week.

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~paul wrote (thread):

Good plan! I've done similar, with the rules that I can only interact with services / companies for which I've already got a page bookmarked (for example, my bank).

As a result I'm now a very intentional user, and "casual browsing" is kept to a minimum. Note that you'll never fully eliminate it though, otherwise- how would you have found the pub?

~rosie88 wrote:

I look forward to the updates and if you do well I may join in the fun, good luck!

~tlf wrote:

Good luck. You're leading the way. I'm looking forward to hearing your updates!

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