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Midnight Pub

Nightfall City Video Library


They're rare these days, but what a pleasure it would be to see one around here. I imagine the selection in Nightfall City would be a little different to the norm, given the people that frequent the area.

Am I right? What would you like to rent for the night in Nightfall City?

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~euromancer wrote (thread):

The best movie I ever seen was the “Rock’n’Rolla” by Guy Ritchie. It’s a mind-blowing mix of criminal action and comedy. Even “Snatch”, “Lock, stock and two smoking barrels” nor “Big Lebowski” can’t top it.

If you want a slower movie, I’d go with “Fargo” (the movie or the TV series both are good), the new “Blade Runner” or “Drive”.

~errant wrote (thread):

I'm a big fan of Seven Psycopaths. It's a comedy with an absurd sense of humor -- and the trailer doesn't do it any justice.

~stargazer wrote (thread):

Probably a documentary for me... maybe a slightly nerdy one...

~nolan wrote (thread):

May I suggest Nirvana (the movie) from 1997 ?

And that japanese movie... hmmm... After Life, known in Japan as Wonderful Life (ワンダフルライフ, Wandafuru Raifu). 1998.

~rosie88 wrote (thread):

I would go straight to the horror section of the local video renting place and rent:

*Silence of the Lamb


*Hannibal Rising

I walk up to the cash register and place all three videos on the counter, I pay for the rentals and walk back to my apartment. Ah, it had been 3 decades or so since I last saw them. Reaching my apartment I pop some popcorn, slip the first of the videos in and begin a nail biting adventure.

~tlf wrote (thread):

Some great recommendations here and they've reminded me of two more that should be more widely known:

Kung Fury

Rubber (about a car tíre with a mind of its own)

There's also Sharnado but I haven't seen it. The trailer looked fun.

~bunny wrote (thread):

Try "The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover". Can never tell if I love the film or hate it.

~fish-fingerer wrote (thread):

I saw “Psycho Goreman” a few weeks a go. Wonderful send up of all the old sci-fi horror tropes, and everything done with rubber masks and suits.

Utterly glorious. I’d rent that again!

~xennial wrote (thread):

Tron on Capacitance Electronic Disk. I had a CED player when I was younger, I played the disks I had over and over until I wore out the needle (yes, it had an actual needle) and couldn't get another one.

From time to time I check eBay for another CED player, because why not? But they are heavy and shipping is very expensive, so I need to wait for one local to me. Maybe someday...

~tlf wrote:

As for me, spending time here has out me in the mood for something old. Maybe sci-fi. The Matrix or even The Lawnmower Man just for the craic.

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