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Midnight Pub

Who I really am


Sitting In My Apartment

I was fortunate to find a nice apartment in the neighboring city called Nightfall City. The landlord is a nice fellow, he was eager to get me to sign the lease and I did just that. The rent is reasonable and the work I do pays well. I am sitting in my apartment now, contemplating the work I have to finish. I am a web developer and I am near completing a project I started for a close friend of mine. I fire up the laptop and dive right in. The headaches begin suddenly. I mutter, "Gods, I hate this modern web markup shit!" and spend the next few hours figuring out what is wrong with a certain container.

Stepping Away In Frustration

Staring at all this HTML shit begins to make my teeth clench so I walk away from my current laptop and turn on my other laptop. Both have Gemini clients installed so I hop on Gemini and go slow surfing the small web. Oh what a delight, oh what joy and what utter freedom. My stress, at least for the time being melts away but I know inevitably I have to get back to the utter cesspit that the modern web has become. Work is work and unfortunately the WWW monster is where I need to be to earn a living.

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Do you have a Gemini capsule?

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