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Midnight Pub

Setting up the karaoke


Who's listening to what today?

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~stargazer wrote:

How about some Olivia Newton-John...

~every wrote (thread):

I would prefer a jukebox loaded with Patsy Cline and George Jones if possible...

~tatterdemalion wrote:

I'll do anything by the Cure, but especially "Friday I'm In Love". "What's On Your Mind" or "Think" by Information Society are good ones for me, too. Oh, or "Strangelove" by Depeche Mode.

~rosie88 wrote:

I am currently listening to nothing but I am up for anything within reason.

~tlf wrote:

I was actually thinking of karaoke while reading rosie88's post. I used to do Everybody Needs Somebody and Don't Go Breaking My Heart in the karaoke with whoever was willing to join forces :)

There were others but it's been so many years now.

~bitdweller wrote:

I've had A Place Called Home from Ignite on my mind the all day (maybe yesterday as well). Yes, the entire album, which I know by heart, since I've been listening to it the past 20 years :)

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