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Midnight Pub

My Arrival....


My arrival at the District City bus terminal...

After a long ride from my rural country home I arrived to the city and was amazed at what I saw. My face was as if plastered to the window. The ins and outs fascinated me. I saw people milling about, more people than my little town had. I saw many edifices and cars and trucks. I had heard about District City in some website but I never thought to actually be here so excitement grew.

Suddenly the bus stops and the driver announces "We have arrived to the District City bus terminal, the end of our ride, welcome and enjoy your stay." I grabbed my bags and descended and out in the city I was. My eyes darted here and there taking in all the happening around me. It was sensory overload but I was taking it all in stride. I reached down into my pocket and pulled out a piece of paper where I had written the address to the Midnight Pub. After asking around I found it.

I was thirsty after my adventure and dragged my wheeled luggage towards the door and with a free hand pushed the door open and with slight hesitation I walk towards the bar. I lean my luggage towards a wall and getting the attention of a bartender I say, "A scotch and soda please". The bartender looks towards me and say "I see you are new here, scotch and soda it is." He goes about fixing my order, I go about sitting down and replies "Yes I am new here, I just arrived and hope to meet other people and I heard that this place was the place to go to meet said people" The bartender hands me my drink and I take it to my lips and take a sip. I utter "Perfect". The bartender smiles and says "Yes Midnight Pub is the place to be, there are many interesting people that frequent this bar if you come often you can see for yourself." I continued to sip my drink and felt as if coming here was the right thing to do.

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~m15o wrote (thread):

Welcome to the pub Rosie! Glad you managed to find it.

~tatterdemalion wrote (thread):

Hi, Rosie! What's the 88 for? I thought it might be year of birth, but checking your bio, like me you're too old for that. I just want to make sure it's not what I'm afraid it might be.

~tlf wrote (thread):

Fáilte / welcome. I like your karaoke suggestion below. Let's do a duet :)

~tskaalgard wrote (thread):

Welcome! Your next drink is on me! lol

~littlejohn wrote (thread):

It *is* the place to meet said people!

And a bunch of other, uh, peculiar creatures, like Smudge!

~bartender wrote (thread):

One drink is good to get started, but how about a second one? Here's one of Midnight Pub's special:

Two B or Not Two B

It works perfectly after a Scotch and Soda. Glad to have you in the pub, rosie! Hope you find the place cozy. There's a lounge down there with its fireplace and folks sitting around various tables.

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